Clair de Lune

Artist Name: Ernie Mansfield Description: This is a jazz version of Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune, Performed by San Francisco jazz artists Mark Levine (piano); Ricardo Peixoto (guitar); [read more...]

Color Drops

Artist Name: Ernie Mansfield with Juan Bibiloni Description: A blend of Latin, Flamenco, and Brazilian jazz, with flute and acoustic guitar. Notes: Juan Bibloni - aka Joan Bibiloni [read more...]


Artist Name: Ernie Mansfield Description: A blend of Jazz Fusion and the early "Windham Hill" sound, featuring lyrical and virtuosic jazz flute. Notes: “The true musician, one who [read more...]

Featured Artist: Burnin’ Stove

Artist Name: David Luck Description: Folk/rock vocal and instrumental songs performed by: Dan Fogelberg (Vocals, Guitar) Ernie Mansfield (Flute/Saxophone/Harmonica) Elliott Delman (Vocals, Guitar) Annie Williams (Vocals) Jim McNeely [read more...]

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