Lenny Pickett is one of the most famous saxophonists of our time (Tower of Power, Saturday Night Live Band). Lenny grew up in Oakland. In this interview, Conversations With Lenny Pickett, Lenny talks about his history, what he practices, and his four rules for success. I have summarized his points briefly below:

Lenny’s practice recommendations:

(1) Scales
(2) Long Tones
(3) Play flute and clarinet etudes – up one octave for practicing the altissimo range.
(4) Play along with recordings – for helping with intonation.
(5) Practice every day.

Lenny’s Four Rules for Success:

(1) Always say “Yes” (to whatever opportunities come your way).
(2) Show up on time.
(3) Never complain
(4) “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”