Music Services

Music typesetting. This is publication-quality music-setting, also known as engraving. All music is proofed and printed on our 600 dpi enhanced resolution PostScript Laserprinter. Higher resolutions are available.

Music copying. This is performance-level music-setting, an economical and easy-to-read replacement for hand-copying. Attention is paid to page turns and easy legibility, but no special formatting or page layout features are accommodated. No proof copies. Final copies are made on our 600 dpi Laserprinter.

Book typesetting. Music books and folios can be economically typeset and pasted-up electronically at Music-Graphics, including music, line art, photos, and scanned images.

Arrangements. Music-Graphics is also available for arranging of scores for different instrumental or vocal ensembles, piano reductions, and orchestrations from piano scores. Our editing abilities are grounded in extensive knowledge of music theory, orchestration, and engraving rules, learned through extensive music training and years of experience.

Recording production. Let us help with arranging, orchestrating, copying of parts, and audio ‘proofing’ through use of synthesizers, so you can save time and money before entering the recording studio. Ernie Mansfield, owner of Music-Graphics, has the experience with which to guide you through all production stages. He has written, arranged, and performed on numerous recordings, and has won awards from National Endowment for the Arts, California Arts Council, and Meet the Composer.

Consulting services. We provide assistance and consultation in many music-related areas, including sound design, software testing, font design, technical illustration, writing, instruction, and workshops.

Transcription and MIDI. If you are publishing transcriptions of jazz, pop, or folk music, we are expert at ‘takedowns’, plus our transcriptions are automatically computerized, allowing for editing and publishing without the need for re-typing. If you are using MIDI yourself, we can convert your standard MIDI files directly into music notation, saving you time and expense.

Selected clients include:

Terry Riley
Peter Michael Hamel
Narada Michael Walden
John Adams
Kirke Mecham
Lawrence Rosenthal
Gunther Schuller
Tony Williams
Dan Kobialka
Ernst Bacon

Celestial Harmonies
Schirmer Publications
David Rubinson & Friends, Inc.
Kjos Music Co.
Wadsworth Publications
Miller Freeman Publications
W.W. Norton
C.P.P. – Belwin
Sher Music Company

San Francisco Symphony
San Francisco Opera
Fantasy Records
Kronos String Quartet
Music Department, Stanford University
Music Department, University of California, Berkeley
Kulberg/Michie Music
Public Broadcasting System, KRON-TV, etc.


“Well, I finally got around to listening to your tape, and I must say that I was really very pleasantly surprised and that I enjoyed listening to the cuts very much…you have a very lyrical gift and compose in a very refreshing, tuneful style. I thought all of the melodic ideas were interesting and not at all trite…I think it’s very pleasing music of its genre…I’m pleased you gave me the chance to hear it.”
John Adams, composer

“You are a brilliant musician…Best of luck to you.”
Ed Decker, American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco

“The true musician, one who makes music for the sake of music itself, is a relatively rare ship on the sea on commercialism. Yet there is something universal in the true musician’s sound that transcends category and defies description. American-born and Paris-bred, jazz fusion flutist Ernie Mansfield is, in the tradition of Mozart, a prolific composer and an improviser par excellence…Suffice to say, Ernie’s music is highly diverse and entertaining; because it is performed with love and humor, it is also an experience not to be missed.”
Peter Burr, Marin Community College/Arts & Lectures

ERNIE MANSFIELD: Windsailor (Catero Records). “For this disc, flutist Mansfield has penned six tunes, all with a contemporary jazz flavor. He is backed up by an extremely fine band…Needless to say he is a wonderful player…”Dance of the Midnight Air” is an energetic and interesting piece with the melody double-tracked so that Mansfield’s flutes are in harmony…”Colorbook” is especially soothing with acoustic guitar, conga drums, and synthesized bird sounds. This is a tasteful, colorful, and varied album. Well recorded, top notch players—I’ll be listening to this one again.”
Steven Dillman, “Op” Magazine, The Independent Music Magazine

“Fred Catero’s new label is dedicated to offering ‘recordings of exceptionally talented people whose efforts deserve to be released and enjoyed without regard to commerciality.’ Certainly Ernie Mansfield’s composition and flute playing fit the bill. He has a beautiful sound, ample technique, and has written all the material on the album.”
Dick Conte, Bay Area Jazz Society

“Bernie and I want to thank you for generously contributing your talents and energies to the making of the soundtrack of this very important anti-nuclear feature documentary [‘Dark Circle’].
Gary Remal and Bernie Krause, composers

“…those who enjoy music on the Windham Hill label would enjoy this recording…the sound quality is excellent…the music [Mansfield] and his associates produce is a step above the standard MOR Jazz…there is some nice use of [Glenn] Cronkhite’s percussion (he might be remembered for his work with Art Lande)…Leader Mansfield is a musician to watch out for.”
Carl Brauer, Cadence Magazine

“…a new album by Ernie Mansfield, a flutist, and Juan Bibiloni, a guitarist. It is called ‘ColorDrops’…These two have a kind of musical togetherness that is as rare as it is satisfying. The tunes are largely originals, although another jazz-Latin great, Egberto Gismonti, is represented by one tune and the album includes perhaps the anthem of this country’s musical love.”
R. C. Smith, Morning Herald, Durham, N.C.

“Spanish guitarist Bibiloni joins flutist Mansfield for Latin jazz-pop material that shows…prowess at both rhythm and riffing…swings effortlessly through Luiz Bonfa’s ‘Morning of the Carnaval’ and Egberto Gismonte’s ‘Loro’, demonstrating…deftness in both fast and slow settings.”
TM, Guitar Player Magazine

Music Typesetting Examples

Every piece requires a different approach. These one-page samples demonstrate the range of engraving services that we provide.

Chamber Piece
Hayden Kanon
Big Note Piece
Perle Examples
Piano Duet
Sher Lead Sheet

Quality Assurance

The computer, high-resolution laser printers, and related advances in software and equipment allow us to combine quality and economy, as well as offer advantages which were not even possible only a few years ago.

The breakthrough in technology allows us, for example, not only to typeset your score, but to play back an ‘audio proof’ through use of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and digital synthesis. Through this and other means, we ordinarily correct 80% of the logical errors present in a manuscript, at no extra cost to you.

All pages are printed on our 600 dpi (dot-per-inch) enhanced resolution Postscript laserprinter, using the highest-quality paper. Higher resolutions are available on request.

Our expertise in music and typesetting will be reflected in your final product. We have set thousands of pages of music, and we guarantee our work.

Please call (510) 524-2055, or email for further information regarding pricing, turnaround time, special needs, or other questions.