Artist Name: Ernie Mansfield
Description: A blend of Jazz Fusion and the early “Windham Hill” sound, featuring lyrical and virtuosic jazz flute.
“The true musician, one who makes music for the sake of music itself, is a relatively rare ship on the sea on commercialsim. Yet there is something universal in the true musician’s sound that transcends category and defies description.

“American-born and Paris-bred, jazz fusion flutist ERNIE MANSFIELD is, in the tradition of Mozart, a prolific composer and an improviser par excellence. . . Suffice to say, Ernie’s music is highly diverse and entertaining; because it is performed with love and humor, it is also an experience not to be missed.”
— Peter Burr, Marin Community College/Arts & Lectures

“Windsailor (Catero Records). For this disc, flutist Mansfield has penned six tunes, all with a contemporary jazz flavor. He is backed up by an extremely fine band . . . Needless to say he is a wonderful player. . . .”Dance of the Midnight Air” is an energetic and interesting piece with the melody double-tracked so that Mansfield’s flutes are in harmony. . . “Colorbook” is especially soothing with acoustic guitar, conga drums, and synthesized bird sounds. This is a tasteful, colorful, and varied album. Well recorded, top notch players – I’ll be listening to this one again.”
— Steven Dillman, “Op” Magazine, The Independent Music Magazine

“Fred Catero’s new label is dedicated to offering ‘recordings of exceptionally talented people whose efforts deserve to be released and enjoyed without regard to commerciality.’ Certainly Ernie Mansfield’s composition and flute playing fit the bill. He has a beautiful sound, ample technique, and has written all the material on the album.”
— Dick Conte, Bay Area Jazz Society

“ . . . those who enjoy music on the Windham Hill label would enjoy this recording . . . the sound quality is excellent . . . the music [Mansfield] and his associates produce is a step above the standard MOR Jazz . . . there is some nice use of [Glenn] Cronkhite’s percussion (he might be remembered for his work with Art Lande) . . . Leader Mansfield is a musician to watch out for.”
— Carl Brauer, Cadence Magazine

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