Artist Name: David Luck
Description: Folk/rock vocal and instrumental songs performed by:
Dan Fogelberg (Vocals, Guitar)
Ernie Mansfield (Flute/Saxophone/Harmonica)
Elliott Delman (Vocals, Guitar)
Annie Williams (Vocals)
Jim McNeely (PIano)
David Luck (Vocals, Guitar)
Recorded in 1970s and later, featuring a young Dan Fogelberg while still in school at University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), along with his colleagues. Annie, Elliott, and Ernie went on to perform in France with Mormos, and later, with SkyFarmer in Chicago and the Midwest. Dan went on to LA shortly thereafter, to great (and well-deserved) success. Jim McNeely moved to the East Coast to play with Thad Jones/Mel Lewis, Stan Getz, Phil Woods, and many other jazz greats.

“Ernie Mansfield and I met back in the time before time in Champaign-Urbana. Mutual friends/fans got us together and insisted that we should be performing together. With singer/guitarist Cary Cohen, we formed an acoustic trio called ‘the Ensemble’ and played Chicago’s Earl of Old Town and the Barbarossa on a more or less regular basis. We also did soundtrack work together including a studio session with Dan Fogelberg and Grammy award-winning jazz pianist Jim McNeely. Whenever Ernie raised his flute, harmonica or sax, he lit up the joint with magical lyricism.” – David Luck