Artist Name: Ernie Mansfield with Juan Bibiloni
Description: A blend of Latin, Flamenco, and Brazilian jazz, with flute and acoustic guitar.
Juan Bibloni – aka Joan Bibiloni in Spain – is possibly the most well-known jazz guitarist on the island of Mallorca, Spain. As a recording artist on Blau Records, Polygram, and others, he has recorded numerous albums, and worked with such artists as Paco de Lucia, Larry Coryell, Kevin Ayers, and others.

“ . . . a new album by Ernie Mansfield, a flutist, and Juan Bibiloni, a guitarist. It is called ‘ColorDrops’ . . . These two have a kind of musical togetherness that is as rare as it is satisfying. The tunes are largely originals. although another jazz-Latin great, Egberto Gismonti, is represented by one tune and the album includes perhaps the anthem of this country’s musical love.”
— R. C. Smith, Morning Herald, Durham, N.C.

“Spanish guitarist Bibiloni joins flutist Mansfield for Latin jazz-pop material that shows . . . prowess at both rhythm and riffing . . . swings effortlessly through Luiz Bonfa’s ‘Morning of the Carnaval’ and Egberto Gismonte’s ‘Loro’, demonstrating . . . deftness in both fast and slow settings.”
— TM, Guitar Player Magazine

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