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About Ernie Mansfield

Ernie Mansfield studied flute, sax, piano, and music composition at Interlochen Arts Academy, Oberlin Conservatory, University of Illinois, and University of the State of New York.  At age 21, he emigrated to France with the progressive folk group “Mormos”, where he wrote a share of the band’s material.

Returning to the Midwest United States, he continued to compose for bands, orchestras, and other ensembles. Eventually, he moved west to settle in the San Francisco area, which is now his home. His credits include albums, soundtracks, children’s music, commercials, music for educational software, orchestral works, and works for dance theatre. He has received grants from Meet the Composer, California Arts Council, and National Endowment for the Arts. Two albums: “Windsailor” and “ColorDrops”—featuring his own tangential jazz group—were released by Catero Records.

Ernie Mansfield is a classically trained musician, with experience in pop, rock, and jazz.  He also plays the EWI, an electronic wind synthesizer, as well as woodwinds and keyboard.

He has performed and/or recorded with many artists, including:  Dan Fogelberg, François Beranger (France), Joan Bibiloni (Spain), and Glen Cronkhite (ECM, Reunion Blues).

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Clair de Lune

Artist Name: Ernie Mansfield Description: This is a jazz version of Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune, Performed by San Francisco jazz artists Mark Levine (piano); Ricardo Peixoto (guitar); [read more...]

Color Drops

Artist Name: Ernie Mansfield with Juan Bibiloni Description: A blend of Latin, Flamenco, and Brazilian jazz, with flute and acoustic guitar. Notes: Juan Bibloni - aka Joan Bibiloni [read more...]


Artist Name: Ernie Mansfield Description: A blend of Jazz Fusion and the early "Windham Hill" sound, featuring lyrical and virtuosic jazz flute. Notes: “The true musician, one who [read more...]

Featured Artist: Burnin’ Stove

Artist Name: David Luck Description: Folk/rock vocal and instrumental songs performed by: Dan Fogelberg (Vocals, Guitar) Ernie Mansfield (Flute/Saxophone/Harmonica) Elliott Delman (Vocals, Guitar) Annie Williams (Vocals) Jim McNeely [read more...]

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