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Our Services

Music typesetting. This is publication-quality music-setting, also known as engraving. All music is proofed and printed on our 600 dpi enhanced resolution PostScript Laserprinter. Higher resolutions are available.

Music copying. This is performance-level music-setting, an economical and easy-to-read replacement for hand-copying. Attention is paid to page turns and easy legibility, but no special formatting or page layout features are accommodated. No proof copies. Final copies are made on our 600 dpi Laserprinter.

Book typesetting. Music books and folios can be economically typeset and pasted-up electronically at Music-Graphics, including music, line art, photos, and scanned images.

Arrangements. Music-Graphics is also available for arranging of scores for different instrumental or vocal ensembles, piano reductions, and orchestrations from piano scores. Our editing abilities are grounded in extensive knowledge of music theory, orchestration, and engraving rules, learned through extensive music training and years of experience.

Recording production. Let us help with arranging, orchestrating, copying of parts, and audio ‘proofing’ through use of synthesizers, so you can save time and money before entering the recording studio. Ernie Mansfield, owner of Music-Graphics, has the experience with which to guide you through all production stages. He has written, arranged, and performed on numerous recordings, and has won awards from National Endowment for the Arts, California Arts Council, and Meet the Composer.

Consulting services. We provide assistance and consultation in many music-related areas, including sound design, software testing, font design, technical illustration, writing, instruction, and workshops.

Transcription and MIDI. If you are publishing transcriptions of jazz, pop, or folk music, we are expert at ‘takedowns’, plus our transcriptions are automatically computerized, allowing for editing and publishing without the need for re-typing. If you are using MIDI yourself, we can convert your standard MIDI files directly into music notation, saving you time and expense.